Millennial Fatigue

Millennial Fatigue Millennial Fatigue — Read on This is so well written and the part about poverty rings so true for me. I might not be in this position any more but I certainly recognise it all too well. And if it weren’t for a few select friends who bailed me out when I … More Millennial Fatigue

Ashlee’s First Day

A couple of months ago I went on a country writing retreat with my writing group. One afternoon we were writing from prompt cards, and these were the prompts I got (you could choose which ones you wrote about from the two that came out for each option): Characters – Ice skater/pharmacist Character traits – … More Ashlee’s First Day

Grrrl Con 2017

Last summer, I attended Kerry Ryan’s Write Like A Grrrl one day intensive workshop in Brighton, on the recommendation of my good friend Lizzie. I’ve been writing on and off since I was 16, but my limited education and lack of confidence in my own abilities (which I will talk more about in my next … More Grrrl Con 2017