About Lady K

Daughter, Sister, Aunty, Friend, Movie enjoyer, Duranie, Trekkie, Person who cries at Grey’s Anatomy (a lot), reader of chick lit, experimental (or just mental) in the kitchen, prefer animals over children. Think that pretty well sums me up?

If you like this blog please visit my other blogs:





You might also be interested in my brother’s blog which features short stories and general blogging about news, entertainment and occasional political points of view http://mike-lambert.blogspot.com/. And if you like my brother’s blog, you might also like his book, Free At Last: A Novel (Death of Celebrity) available on Kindle:http://tinyurl.com/7bvnqu4.

Finally, if you like reviews you might like my bff’s Book Club Blog http://bookclubforthegirls81.blogspot.co.uk/ where she reviews books she’s read.


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