Home Safe Brighton

This is a fantastic initiative that I just heard about! If you’re out in Brighton and think you’d benefit from having some help getting home, check these guys out!

The Anxious Witch

I really wanted to share this local resource because it’s so important. I don’t need to add anything else, Home Safe Brighton’s manifesto speaks for itself:


There have been far too many incidents of assault in Brighton recently, but as most of us know it’s always been happening. It’s now to the point where women and the LGBTQIA+ community in particular are scared to leave the house alone. EVERYONE deserves the basic right to feel safe in our own city. It’s not always an option to get a taxi home, or to walk with someone – so here is our solution to connect people with options, resources and support.

Worried about walking home on a Saturday night? Can’t afford a cab and wish someone could walk with you? Come find us!

A bunch of us will be standing down by Old Steine with signs to help you…

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