Screaming Into The Void


I was looking at when I first started my Blogger blog about a week ago, when I realised that I got into blog writing around eight years ago, 2011. I believe it was on the recommendation of my friend Lizzie as she thought I’d be good at it and it would give me a voice for my writing. I have a lot to thank my friend Lizzie for, as she answered my ad to become my roommate 10 years ago and has been giving me helpful advice like “you should write a blog” ever since.

She’s moving away in September and I’m honestly gutted about this, and sad, but I’m also not sure what I’m going to do without her wisdom and support. I know we’ll stay friends. We’ve lived in different parts of the country before in our 10 year friendship, but I genuinely do rely on her more than I think even I realised, and when she’s gone I have a feeling I’ll be a bit lost.

But let’s not wallow on that thought too long or I might cry.

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 22.37.36.png
Our first photo together (that I could find) on the left and our most recent on the right

Our style may have changed through the years but not my ability to grin like a loon. So that’s good.

Anyway, that’s not actually what I set out to talk about in this post, as much as I love Lizzie, and am grateful to her for setting me on my blogging path. I got sidetracked as I often do when I write. I go off on tangents all the time. I like to think it makes my writing more accessible or give my readers a bit of an insight into me. But in all honesty I’m not sure anyone is really reading? Maybe apart from Lizzie that is…

Do any other bloggers get that? I don’t write this blog for anyone other than myself really, but it’s still nice to get a comment every now and then, or a like. Blogging is quite a lonely pastime if you think about it. You can’t really be sitting amongst your friends as you blog because you need the time and space to be able to think and write. And so it’s only by sharing the fruits of your labour that you are able to get any gratification.


I’m sure that can be said about many professions actually, but I feel like writing is one of the loneliest.

However, tonight, my friend Christa championed my blog as one of her five current faves. Which was an unexpected but delightful thing to read on a blog that I admire and respect. So thanks for that Christa, and right back atcha! I’ll reblog that next as I think it’s only fair that my readers might also get to enjoy the other four bloggers on her list.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just on a self pity trip after the highs of this weekend, but sometimes I feel a bit like I am screaming into the void and no-one is actually reading my blogs.

I thought recently, maybe I should do a poll to see what people would want more of or less of on my blogs, but then I wouldn’t be writing it for me anymore, and therefore wouldn’t enjoy it as much. If people want to continue liking posts they aren’t reading then more fool them really. You’re missing out on some quality content guys. Yes I probably do sound big headed, but you know what? I don’t care. Because my biggest fan likes what she reads, and she enjoys writing it too.

On that note it’s past my bedtime.

Goodnight readers!

4 thoughts on “Screaming Into The Void

  1. I like to call it the Anonymous Void. Only one person who follows mine knows me personally and I don’t know if or how much of it she reads. Or how many of the random people out there in the void do. But that’s not the point. It’s just a place I can rant or cry or just say what’s on my mind without bugging those around me. Use it how you wish. And have fun. Best wishes.

    1. A lot of my writing is that too. I have too many trains of thought running on different tracks for a lot of potential readers to follow. But it’s just nice to know that occasionally, the things you write are read by someone, and maybe resonated in some way to that person that they felt like adding a comment. Much like you did. So thank you for that!

  2. I hear you sister! Apart from you and couple of die hard followers, nobody’s reading me that much either. I do sometimes feel disappointed if nobody has liked something I’ve written, especially when it’s something I really dig but I kind of like it that way. It’s a more intimate audience and to me feels like a safer place. I know what I mean. Anyway, thank goodness you did start blogging because you love doing it. I love reading it of course, but that’s the most important thing! Keep it up xoxo

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