Poor Percy

You’ll be glad to hear that in the most recent writing workshop I attended, I only actually came away with one finished piece. The icebreaker exercise just wasn’t for me this week and what little I did write from it I don’t think I can work with to get anything out of. That’s fine though, … More Poor Percy

An Awkward Moment

Our second exercise in last week’s writing workshop was to write about an awkward moment in our lives. Adam shared two quotes with us to inspire our thought process on this one: “Comedy is tragedy that happens to other people.” – Angela Carter “Tragedy + Time = Comedy.” – Attributed to Mark Twain (but we … More An Awkward Moment

February Fitness

A bunch of you have been asking me – hey, how’s the daily walking going? – as I’ve not given any updates this month. The daily walks I was doing were in support for my sister-in-law’s 50 miles in January Challenge. As such, I’ve not been walking every day this month. However, I did want … More February Fitness

I Believe…

The Icebreaker for this week’s writing workshop was a simple two word prompt – I believe. We were tasked with writing a list of things we believed. Sounds simple right? But I struggled quite badly with this, and unlike most icebreakers that Adam sets us, this one was 8 minutes! 8 minutes is quite a … More I Believe…

Oh, Brother

A few weeks ago I talked about the new writing course I had started called Writing For The Hell Of It. It’s organised and led by Adam Z. Robinson who also did the Ghost Story Writing Workshop that I did during the first lockdown last year. I have published a couple of different pieces that … More Oh, Brother

Potential Murderer?

Another piece from my writing workshop. This one is about childhood accidents. Potential Murderer? I love listening to murder podcasts. My Favorite Murder is my favourite. You ever notice how many serial killers were dropped on their heads as children? Or had some sort of head injury early in their lives? It’s more than you’d … More Potential Murderer?